About Us

We make the textiles that will bright up your day!

Naperonuttu is a brand from Finland and we are best-known for playful children’s wear.

Kids should be kids and that is why we design all things colorful, quirky and confortable.
We strive to make clothes that are childlike, pleasing and comfortable for children to play and be happy

Our brand supports sustainable development and all our products are manufactured in accordance with the EU's ethical principles in Finland and the Baltic countries. We only use materials that are GOTS and OEKO-Tex certified.

We do not mass-produce only smaller quantities of individual products.
Sometimes we only make a "limited editions print" (30-50 pieces worldwide), so some of our products have become collectibles.

Naperonuttu’s textiles and clothing are sold across Europe in countries including for example United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Portugal. Retailers also reach all the way to Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

We hope you enjoy our products and that they bring joy to your life.
Sami and Marja Naperonuttu